Jean Tats – Peaceable Kingdom – Weekly Favorites with Monica J

Happy Weekly Favorites Wednesday.  This week I’m introducing a fun way to dress up your jeans with the new Jean Tats from Peaceable Kingdom. These temporary tattoos are the perfect ...

Norwalk Boat Show – Family Boating Lifestyle – Norwalk Cove Marina

So Family headed to East Norwalk, Connecticut for the Norwalk Boat Show, which was held at the Norwalk Cove Marina. This was the perfect time for me to find out ...

One Pot by Martha Stewart – Cooking with Just One Pot for the Family

It only takes One Pot!  Family’s everywhere will be happy to know that it only takes One Pot to cook an amazing meal to serve for dinner.  Martha Stewart is ...

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Family Game Night – Word Games for Kids – Weekly Favorites with Monica J

Happy Weekly Favorites Wednesday!  Hope you’re ready to check out some more ...

Twitter Party – Weekly Favorites with Monica J Special – #30Chat

A few weeks ago I launched So Family’s new web series Weekly ...

Cookie Meets Peanut – Children’s Book By Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel is now a children’s book author.  The mom and Skinny ...

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Peaceable Kingdom – Feed the Woozle & Stack Up! – Weekly Favorites with Monica J

Attention all parents of Preschoolers, I have two fun and skill packed games to introduce to you.  It’s time for your little Preschoolers to practice their fine motor skills at home.  Peaceable Kingdom is known for their Cooperative games for Preschoolers, which makes it easy for children to play together, experience shared decision-making, build their [...]

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#LeapBand from Leap Frog & more to Keep the Kids Active – Weekly Favorites with Monica J

It’s Wednesday and I’m happy to share my favorite children’s products of the week.  Welcome to Weekly Favorites with Monica J.  My favorites this week are the Leap Band from Leap Frog, the GoGo Squeez Play List and Crayola’s Chalk Grab and Go Games.  Each product is centered around keeping kids active through play and [...]

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Alex Toys Preschool Kits – Weekly Favorites with Monica J

It’s time for your little Preschoolers to practice their fine motor skills at home.  Alex Toys makes it easy for the little ones to have fun while practicing important developmental skills at home.  The Preschool kits from Alex Toys including the Ready, Set, Cut!, Ready, Set, Fold! and the My Giant Busy Box keeps their [...]

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Shake it Up with Johnny Rocket’s MilkShakes – National MilkShake Month

Happy National Shake Month.  Did you know that September is National Shake month?  Are you ready to shake it up and celebrate with your family.  This is a time to have a little fun with your family, try something new and yummy like a milkshake.  You can share one with the family.  Johnny Rockets is [...]

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Alex Toys DIY Kits – Weekly Favorites with Monica J

It’s DIY time. Looking for a great party DIY kit for your tweens? AlexToys has some amazing kits that make creating accessories fun for kids.  This week I’m exploring the Duck Tape Party kit and the Bling Bangles kit from Alex Toys with my niece.  One afternoon we sat outside and spent some time creating [...]

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Back to School Haul – Weekly Favorites with Monica J

Hey families! The Back to School season is in full swing, so I decided to head out and pick up a few essentials for my nieces and nephew. I mainly shopped at Target and for the supplies featured in this video. As a teacher, I love this time of year. Shopping for new school [...]

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Healthier Snacks That Kids Love – Weekly Favorites on Lowcountry Live

Hi Everyone!  We’ve taken our Weekly Favorites with Monica J and brought it to Charleston, SC for Lowcountry Live.  I’m so excited to share some of my favorite snacks for kids, which are healthier options that will keep kids snacking and parents smiling.  These are the snacks that I presented on Lowcountry Live on August [...]

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Tiggly Has Taken The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – #CartoonsCareToo

Our friends over at Tiggly have taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and they are challenging other cartoons to do the same.  They have also donated to the ALS foundation.  That’s amazing Tiggly!  Tiggly unlocks children’s imaginations with their award-winning iPad apps and interactive toys.  I absolutely love using the Tiggly shapes with my students. [...]

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Free Children’s Books – Scholastic & Kellogg’s Fuel Reading Fun

Free Books!  When I hear or read statements like that I definitely get excited.  Reading is so important for our youth, so when someone is offering free books for children then I usually jump at the opportunity.  Kellogg’s and Scholastic have partnered to offer families and classrooms free books.  It’s actually really simple to get your [...]

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5 Must Have Back to School Essentials -Teacher Talk

The Back to School season has arrived. Some children are experiencing those first day jitters as you read this and some are preparing for theirs in the coming weeks. The common thread is that all of our little bright stars are heading back into the classrooms and we want them to be prepared. So, I’m [...]

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Elf on the Shelf Birthday Tradition – Weekly Favorites with Monica J

So Family attended an event celebrating the release of the new Elf on the Shelf Birthday Tradition. The new Birthday Tradition allows the scout elves to come back during the year and visit the families who love them.  Over in Santa’s Christmas Village the Scout Elves have a very special way of celebrating birthdays and [...]

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Ella’s Kitchen & Spark Box Toys – Weekly Favorites with Monica J

It’s So Family’s Weekly Favorites with Monica J. I’m so excited to introduce you to our newest weekly web series, which is live on the So Family TV Youtube Channel.  Every Wednesday you can tune in for our weekly favorites from kid’s toys, snacks, games, fashion and more.  This week Monica J discusses two fun [...]

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