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Every day, you witness the development of a unique personality, individual preferences, and dreams. Every day, you witness the blossoming of a tiny individual on the path to greatness.

That’s why all of my strategies, activities and toy recommendations are customizable, based on your child’s needs, wherever they are at a particular time. 

Welcome to the So Family community. 

~With love, support and joy,

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When you quiet the voices of judgment all around you, you give your child the gift of being heard. 

Parenting is an Experience

That’s why truly connecting with your child means letting go of other people’s strict rules, labels and judgment. It’s about celebrating the journey of getting to know your child and guiding them to become their best self.

Judgement Free Zone

judgement free zone so familySo Family is a place for you to get support without judgment. Join the So Family community for educational videos, webinars, fun activities, and toy recommendations that can all be customized to fit into your busy lifestyle.

Let's Work Together

peppa pig so family onlineWith over 15 years of working with kids, I know that helping kids learn & grow is not an exact science. It’s different for every child and every parent. Doing the right thing for your child means getting to know them where they are.

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